MRO Europe
06 Oct

Tracetoo will be at "MRO Europe 2015"

Tracetoo will be at "MRO Europe 2015" to present, along with Facom, a new kit consisting of Facom RFID Tools and the "ToolsCheck" Tools Tracking software.

MRO Europe is the one opportunity you have in this region to discover the crucial issues impacting the MRO industry today and to network with colleagues, customers, peers, and competitors from all segments of the business. Join thousands of airlines, maintenance providers, OEMs, suppliers, and key regional players – at the same time, all under one roof!

Aviation MRO Service Prevents foreign object damage (FOD) with RFID tool management system

“…every year more than $4B in direct expenses can be traced back to everything from
soda cans to toolboxes (source: “

Making use of RFID technology becomes easier to search the missing tool in tight spaces and without optics visibility.
Does not require replacement of tools.
By applying appropriate Rfid most of the instruments can be verified by Tools Check.
In every maintenance organization if some activities are subject to poor control of the tools, can be a threat to
flight safety.
The discovery of a mislaid of a tool, after working on an aircraft, is not a pleasant experience, either for the
operator, or for the people looking for it. Moreover, not knowing that a tool is lost could prove to be an even
more unpleasant experience for others in the future. For this reason the control of tools is important in every
workshop activity. 

At the end of the working day, it is always important to do a visual check of the working area. During this operation is convenient to check if:
• All tools are in them proper place, into them proper boards
• All equipments are stored correctly
• The area around the aircraft is free of any object that could be damage the aircraft. 

In this case, this control is important to avoid accidental ingestions in the engine, or Foreign Object Damage (FOD). In case of lost tools, organizations
must have a procedure to follow when they receive a report of a lost tool.This procedure usually involves a check of all stores, tool boards and work
areas, followed by a deep search by a nominated team. If this search fails, a further and more extensive zone search may be implemented, that might
involve also selected dismantling of aircraft part.Tools Check is a Tablet Program that uses the RFID technology to take an inventory of all the tools,
reporting immediately the lack of one of it.
Tools Check can be used to search the missing Tools in the place where it was used.