All you can do

You have the possibility to constantly exchange information with your potential customers in real time
Gateways identify all phones in the coverage area, from 30 to 100 m depending on the model
Only the ID Bluetooth and ID wi-fi can be located. It is not possible to trace the user’s name or phone number
Staff can upload new maps, routes and information that will be received on visitors’ smartphone in real time, only through an app
It is a valid alternative to GPS system, where in some places the satellite signal is not reachable
The low cost per contact and the high efficiency allows you to promote also low-value products
Possibility of creating autonomously texts with audio sync

Proximity marketing

Reach your potential customers through personalized offers and give them information about your new promotions


Decide your visitors’ route, giving them detailed information as a self-guided tour directly on their smartphone

Real time security

In every moment you can know how many people are present in an area

Consumer engagement

Stay always in touch with your customers
with a real time interaction

People flow counting

Check how people move in an area and waiting times

Assets and people tracking

Identify the location of an assets or a person
in real time

Optimize and speed up all logistical operations of loading-unloading of warehouse and delivery between the company and its suppliers


All you can do

The ERMES application server connects to popular management (SAP, Navision, Axapta, Zucchetti and others are developed from time to time) and makes it available via Web Services the information reconciled to fixed or mobile terminals in the field
The module offers turnkey Delivery to your company the ability to draw, edit and monitor in real time the delivery of material through VAMSi.
Optimize the process of shipping, delivery and receipt of merchandise
Electronic exchange of information and documents with suppliers, contractors and customers


Localization and identification of containers and pallets in large squares


Monitor goods that are susceptible to variation in temperature during transport and storage phases


Instant traceability of your goods by avoiding lengthy and expensive manual controls

The unique Anti F.O.D System that uses Rf-Id technology to take an inventory of all the tools, reporting immediately the lack of one of it


All you can do

Tools check allows you to have constantly under control your tools management and so to have a validation certificate and documentation for processes control certification
Assisted inventory at the end of the maintenance activity and periodic inventory available in few seconds.
Making use of RFID technology you will be able to check the presence of your instruments in just few seconds and so becomes easier to search the missing tool in tight spaces and without optics visibility
In addition to a better management of calibrated tools, you will have the possibility to check the instrument’s history, its activities and the people who have used it.